KOLLMEDER relies on the most modern CNC lathes, vertical lathes and CNC machining centers to carry out all turning, milling, and drilling operations individually and precisely according to customer requirements. With Simultaneous 5-axis milling, even complex components are manufactured with the highest precision and, thanks to continuously improving CAD and CAM technology, all details can be simulated in advance to minimize manufacturing risks and reduce machining times. This is how first-class quality, down to the smallest detail, is guaranteed, even for large sizes. Further advantages include measurable time savings, shorter lead times, as well as a significant reduction in transport costs through single source delivery and the elimination of manufacturing risks. Turning: Turning machining up to 8.500 mm diameter / height max. 5.000 mm / max. weight up to 50 t on all vertical lathes, both drilling and milling operations can be carried out TURNING DRILLING MILLING Interested? Get in touch now: anfragen@kollmeder-presswerk.de +49 871 975 39 - 0 10 Turning / Drilling / Milling