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Welcome to KOLLMEDER. Our family-owned business stands for the highest quality and personalized service. We pride ourselves on providing individual support from start to finish, rather than mass processing. We take pride in our products being used worldwide and that well-known companies benefit from our know-how. We prioritize modern machinery and short delivery times. As a leading manufacturer in the field of forging and machining technology we actively seek to contribute to shaping the energy transition. We, therefore, place great importance on the careful use of resources and promote digitalization in manufacturing technology. We are looking forward to also convincing you about the benefits of our products and services! Foreword

Located in Ergolding - at home in the world. The company KOLLMEDER is one of the leading producers of seamless rolled rings, flanges, discs, blinddiscs, as well as freeforged parts. The company distinguishes itself through its flexibility and tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs. The Firm roots trace back to 1959 when it was founded as a family business by Johann Kollmeder Sr. Over the years KOLLMEDER has evolved into an expert in tank construction and the production of dished ends. Already in 1995 we put into operation our first rolling mill and forging press. Today, our company operates modern CNC-controlled machinery, including three ring rolling mills and two hydraulic forging presses. With this equipment, we can offer and produce seamless rolled rings with a diameter of up to 7,000 mm and a maximum weight of 15,000 kg, including complete final machining. Due to its favourable location and transport connections, the Ergolding site is particularly well suited for the transport of oversized goods. And the success story of the company KOLLMEDER continues! In 2008, the second generation with Johann Kollmeder took over the company’s management. Family business in the heart of Lower Bavaria 4 The company

Our company stands for the highest quality and perfection Johann Kollmeder jun. / Lydia Kollmeder / Johann Kollmeder / Sabrina Völke The company 5

The demand for robust forged parts, in particular for seamless rolled rings, is continuously increasing. With the help of the most modern computer-controlled forging presses and rolling mills, complex parts can also be efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively produced in small quantities or as single pieces. We process forgings up to 15.000 kg: Rings Flanges Forged discs Punched discs Bushes Bars (round & square) Special parts Tubes Shafts Housings FORGING Seamless, individual & Custom-Forged Interested? Get in touch now: anfragen@kollmeder-presswerk.de +49 871 975 39 - 0 6 Forging

Forging 7

Seamless rolled rings and discs After the forging operation, the blanks are rolled into seamless rings on our state-of-the-art CNC-controlled RadialAxial ring rolling mills. During the rolling process, diameter, height, and wall-thickness are determined using most advanced laser technology. Rolled rings: max. weight up to 15.000 kg outside diameter up to 7.000 mm height rolled up to 1.000 mm RING ROLLING Seamless & precise for the highest requirements Interested? Get in touch now: anfragen@kollmeder-presswerk.de +49 871 975 39 - 0 8 Ring rolling

Discs: max. weight up to 10.000 kg outside diameter up to 2.400 mm Do you have special requirements regarding form or weight? If so, you are welcome to submit a special request to us. Ring rolling 9

KOLLMEDER relies on the most modern CNC lathes, vertical lathes and CNC machining centers to carry out all turning, milling, and drilling operations individually and precisely according to customer requirements. With Simultaneous 5-axis milling, even complex components are manufactured with the highest precision and, thanks to continuously improving CAD and CAM technology, all details can be simulated in advance to minimize manufacturing risks and reduce machining times. This is how first-class quality, down to the smallest detail, is guaranteed, even for large sizes. Further advantages include measurable time savings, shorter lead times, as well as a significant reduction in transport costs through single source delivery and the elimination of manufacturing risks. Turning: Turning machining up to 8.500 mm diameter / height max. 5.000 mm / max. weight up to 50 t on all vertical lathes, both drilling and milling operations can be carried out TURNING DRILLING MILLING Interested? Get in touch now: anfragen@kollmeder-presswerk.de +49 871 975 39 - 0 10 Turning / Drilling / Milling

Milling and drilling: Travelling-column Milling Machines up to max. 16.000 mm x 3.500 mm x 2.000 mm Portal milling machines up to max. 6.000 mm x 3.000 mm x 3.000 mm Weights up to 50 t Further Processing – Everything from one source Turning / Drilling / Milling 11

CNC CONTRACT MACHINING You have the requirements we have the capacities Interested? Get in touch now: anfragen@kollmeder-presswerk.de +49 871 975 39 - 0 Are you in search of a reliable partner for machining services? Not a problem for us! We are happy to accept contract machining orders as well. Please feel free to contact us. Experience our know-how firsthand and let‘s work together to realize your projects. 12 CNC contract machining

HEAT TREATMENT High-performance results through precise heat treatment To obtain the optimal mechanical properties of the used materials, after forging / rolling the heat treatment is performed in special annealing and quenching and tempering ovens. Depending on the requirements and materials, various methods are used. We also offer contract-based heat treatment services for all our customers. Heat treatment procedures: Normalizing Solution annealing BG- or BF annealing Soft annealing Stress relieving Quenching and tempering Tempering Diffusion annealing Recrystallization annealing Special heat treatments according customer requirements or specifications Maximum heat treatment capacity 8.000 mm L / 7.000 mm W / 2.250 mm H Maximum weight 40 t Quenching tank Water or Polymer Heat treatment 13

We take pride in stating that safety is our top priority. That‘s why we prioritize the highest material-quality and expertise to consistently deliver our customers high standards and a safe product. Before our products are dispatched from our plant, they are tested according to specific requirements and standards using both destructive and non-destructive testing methods. Testing Technology: MATERIALS TESTING TECHNOLOGY QUALITY Non-destructive testing Ultrasonic testing (UT) Penetrant inspection (PT) Magnetic particle inspection (MT) Visual inspection (VT) Ferrite testing measurement of residual magnetism Spectral analysis / PMI Destructive testing Tensile testing at room temperature Hot yield testing up to 900°C Impact testing (room temperature down to -196°C) Hardness testing Metallographic examinations Simulated heat treatments Materials: Quality construction steel; Case-hardening steels; Quenched and tempered steels; Nitridings steels; High-temperature construction steels; Fine grain steels; Ferritic steels; Stainless steels; Aluminium alloys; Special alloys, like titanium alloys and nickel based alloys also possible as contract-based service 14 Materials / Testing Technology / Quality

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